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Balance your practice with Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

This class is open to all levels. Please dress in layers and socks.

In traditional Hatha Yoga classes the muscles are the target, but in a Yin Yoga class it's all about targeting the connective tissues such as the joints, ligaments and fascia of the body. This practice helps to untie knots and increase range of motion to the joints and energy flow throughout the body. The poses and their benefits are very different from other Yoga poses and are mainly done on the floor.

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Why should we focus on connective tissue? We all know the feeling of stiffness getting out of the car after a long drive, or climbing out of bed after a night’s rest. What has happened is the fascia has gotten a little thicker and tighter, creating adhesions in the joints reminding us to move again! Over time the range of motion in our joints can be dramatically reduced from the original factory settings we were born with, and as we age, we loose viscosity of our joint fluid. Yin Yoga is one of the best classes for seniors or those recovering from injury.

Yin yoga can help us return our bodies to functioning at a higher level again. The poses offer steady, slow pressure to gradually undo the damage of time and habit. When they are held at an appropriate depth for a period of time, stressing the joints and compressing the tissues, cellular regeneration occurs. Upon releasing the yin pose, pools of energy are freed up to flow through the body, giving a revitalized feeling of healing.

Yin / Yang Yoga

This class is perfect for all levels.

Combining both Yin and Yang elements in one class provides a balanced practice and can have a powerful effect on one's energy levels. If you are low in energy, starting with some Yin poses can be a good way to get your practice started. By practicing Yin yoga first you can carry over this mindful way of practicing into a Gentle Yang practice, creating more awareness and care.

When we work actively, circulation is directed into the muscles and superficial connective tissues, warming them up. By comparison, a long-held passive pose practiced while the muscles are not yet warm allows the energy to reach the deeper connective tissues of the joints, increasing the supply of fluids to them, making them more pliable and easeful in active poses.

Stay tuned to the Workshops & More page: We sometimes have a special Yin + Sound Bath Meditation on one Sunday for 90 minutes. Look for our Yin Yoga workshops offered once a year during our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.