Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes

We offer vinyasa yoga studio classes at two levels for our students and incorporate vinyasa flow teacher training into our 200 Hour Certification program.

Vinyasa Flow

This class is for students with yoga experience.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga connects movement with breath in sequences so the student experiences an energetic practice that builds strength and heat. It’s more important to have safe transitions between the poses than to get into a pose with Vinyasa Flow, so many of the cues will bring attention to the placement of feet, the gaze, and the direction the body is going.

Slow Vinyasa Flow

A Slow Vinyasa Flow class is offered too. It is designed for students to build their skills and learn the technique at a slower pace, with more pauses for rest and integration, and with less complexity to the poses offered. This class is better for the student who has been practicing yoga for a shorter time and is learning the names of the poses, how transition into and out of the poses, and to do all of this with relative ease.

Students in both classes are reminded to listen to their own body and breath to know when they need to take a rest while allowing the body to feel fatigue but not failure. The goal, as with any yoga class, is to balance effort and ease throughout.

Bhakti Flow

Bhakti is the Yoga of love and devotion, and in Bhakti Flow we honor that tradition by mindfully moving from our center, the space of our heart with our unique creativity, to build our relationship with our Self and the world around us.

As we tap into universal love, we naturally develop a sense of trust and relaxation so as to cultivate a deeper connection to everything beyond us. Through the art of Vinyasa, mantra, mudra, sound, and plenty of fun flowing sequences, we'll warm, strengthen, and refresh the body, heart and mind.