Most Classes 75 minutes long!

Art of Balance Yoga offers offers a variety of affordable yoga classes seven days a week. Check out our membership rates for 10% discount on merchandise and private yoga sessions and see our referral benefits at the bottom of the page.


We carry Jade mats, shirts, books, and a varying assortment of hand made products such as soap, malas, jewelry and useful things to benefit your yoga practice.

Yoga Class Prices     

The more classes you take the less they cost per visit. Unlimited Monthly passes and contracts cannot be shared but a Class Pass can be shared with a guest or family member. All sales are final

Drop-in: $15

5 Class Pass: $60 / $12 per class (good for 2 months)

10 Class Pass: $110 / $11 per class (good for 4 months)

15 Class Pass: $150 / $10 per class (good for 6 months)

Unlimited Month: $90.00 (Expires 30 days from activation date.)


Special Yoga Rates

Introductory Offer/ Unlimited Month: $50 (Expires 30 days from activation date)

Teacher/Student/Military/First Responders: Drop-in — $10 / 5 class pass — $45 (Buy in studio with ID - you must be actively in one of those roles to qualify for the discount.)

Membership Rates

Membership is a contract that gives you a locked-in price, a 10% discount on Jade mats and shirts, and a $25 discount on a private yoga or personal training sessions.

Purchase memberships in studio or with Mindbody software through our web. (Its not available with the app.) Go to Online Schedule> Online Store> Memberships)

Unlimited — 6 Month Membership: $80 per month / Auto-renews

Unlimited — 12 Month Membership: $75 per month / Auto-renews

8 Classes per Month — 12 Month Membership: $64 per month / Auto-renews

Private and Semi-Private or Small Group Rates


These sessions are taught by a certified Yoga Therapist or certified Personal Trainer. Please call for scheduling availability: (540) 907-2909

Private Yoga Session: $75/hour

Book of 2 Sessions: $130 / $65.00 per session

Private Yoga Session + 5 Class Pass: $115

Semi-private hour: $35 per person for up to 3 people.

Semi-private 75 minute: $30/person for 4-6 people

The fine print

Reminder - all sales are final.

To cancel auto-renew contracts before the next contract year, please notify us in writing one week before the new contract begins.

To cancel a workshops or special class due to illness or injury, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance of the event. Your funds will be moved to your Mindbody Online account with us for use another time.

To pause membership, please notify us by email one week in advance with the start and end dates and reason for pausing membership.

To cancel membership due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or injury, a one-month notice before the next auto-draft cycle is required. Please notify us in writing by email: 

Our Referral Program


Refer a friend to the Introductory Offer: Unlimited Month - earn $10 toward your next class payment!

Refer a friend to a 6-Month Membership - earn $40 toward your next class payment!

Refer a friend to a 12-Month Membership - earn a free month!