Frequently Asked Questions

“Conveyed from the mouth to ear, there is tradition. There are no textbooks. There is only direct meeting, direct experience. There is no practice without a teacher. There is no teacher without a community. There are souls destined to meet—with free will and commitment, and loving-kindness and fellowship, and out of these branches the path.” — Perle Besserman


Art of Balance Yoga was established as a welcoming studio where students can practice to gain the benefits of this practice of yoga to bring balance to the whole being in this modern era of ours.

This is a relaxed, friendly environment where the emphasis is on the individual, using Yoga to achieve the most benefit for balance of steadiness and ease. The studios are clean, the lighting is soft, and the teachers are skilled, professional, and kind. Please feel free to ask questions and see how easy it is to feel at home. This is your practice and we want you to love it enough to make it part of your healthy lifestyle. It is our hope that everyone leaves class feeling better than when they came in!


Our Guidelines

Register and pay in advance online or in person for classes and workshops — All sales are final. 
Be aware and listen to your body, your primary teacher, when you try something new.
Please turn off your mobile phone and enjoy your time on the mat! Mono-tasking is one of the skills we cultivate in yoga.

When should I arrive?  

Arrive up to 15 minutes prior to the beginning of class to set up and settle in.  Using our online scheduler is a great way to reserve your spot for a class and pay for classes too. If you get into a traffic jam we will hold the door open 5 extra minutes before locking.

What do I wear to yoga class?  

Any comfortable clothes that move with you and provide decent coverage are excellent to wear. Typically tucking in a shirt or wearing a tighter top is best for when we move upside down. We work in bare feet on yoga mats. Please leave your shoes at the door or cubby and refrain from wearing perfume or cologne since some people have allergic reactions to these.

What to expect?  

A new activity poses new challenges so be mindful about the signals you get from your body, be gentle and kind to yourself and you will get a good footing as poses become more familiar. With time and practice you will begin to relax and breathe deeply and steadily, and you will begin to feel the benefits of yoga. 

can i drink water during class? 

Bring a water bottle if you like so as to drink plenty of water after your class to help flush out toxins released from muscles and organs during class. We also have water fountains in each room. Try to keep from drinking much water during class, but knowing what your body needs and taking care of yourself is always best.

Where to store my stuff? 

Please store your personal items in provided “cubbies”. We have hooks for coats and a changing space if you’re coming directly from work. When class is in session the front door is locked unless someone is managing the front desk.

Is it OK to eat before doing yoga? 

You might be uncomfortable during class if you recently ate, so avoid eating about two hours before class.

Can I borrow a mat?  


We have some eco-friendly Jade mats available to rent for $1 and also have some available for purchase. They’re safe for the environment and for you too, and are extra grippy to help give stability to your pose!

Be Considerate!  

Arrive for class a few minutes early and stay until it ends. Set up your mat and any props you may want nearby. We want everyone to have the best experience possible!

More questions? 

Go to the Contact page to email us with your questions.