Our Classes, Your Practice

“Conveyed from the mouth to ear, there is no tradition. There are no textbooks. There is only direct meeting, direct experience. There is no practice without a teacher. There is no teacher without a community. There are souls destined to meet—with free will and commitment, and loving-kindness and fellowship, and out of these branches the path.” — Perle Besserman

Art of Balance Yoga was established as a welcoming studio where students can practice to gain the benefits of this ancient tradition of wellness and balance to the whole being.

This is a relaxed, non-competitive Yoga studio where the emphasis is on the individual, using alignment based Yoga to achieve the most benefit for balance and strength. The studios are clean, the lighting is soft, and the teachers are skilled, professional, and kind. It is our hope that everyone leaves class feeling better than when they came in!

Our Referral Program

Refer a friend to the New Student Unlimited Month - earn $10 toward your next class payment! Refer a friend to a 6-Month Membership - earn $40; and to a 12-Month Membership - earn a free month!