Remember to balance your own efforts in class with an equal measure of ease. There is no requirement to master any poses at any time because it is the practice that is what makes yoga beneficial.  As teachers give you instruction along the way it is with the intention of  keeping you in a safe space as you learn.

When to arrive?  

At Art of Balance Yoga studio we will open up no less than 15 minutes before class.  Just come by five or ten minutes before class for time to sign in and set up.  Using our online scheduler is a great way to reserve your spot for a class and pay for classes too.

What to wear?  

Any comfortable clothes that move with you and provide decent coverage. We work in bare feet for all standing asanas (poses). Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne since some people have allergic reactions to these.

What to expect?  

A new activity poses new challenges so be mindful about the signals you get from your body, be gentle and kind to yourself and you will get a good footing as poses become more familiar. With time and practice you will begin to relax and breathe deeply and steadily, and this is when you will begin to feel the benefits of yoga. 


Bring a water bottle if you like so as to drink plenty of water after your class to help flush out toxins released from muscles and organs during class. We also have a water fountain.

Where to store my stuff? 

Please store your personal items in provided “cubbies” and remember to turn your cell phone off beforehand. Take your shoes off and store them under the benches near the door.


You might be uncomfortable during class if you recently ate, so avoid eating between one to two hours before class.

Can I borrow a mat?  

We have some eco-friendly Jade mats available to rent for $1 and also have some for sale. They’re safer for the environment and for you too!

Be Considerate!  

Arrive for class on time and stay until it ends. Set up your mat and any props you may want nearby. We want everyone to have the best experience possible!

More questions? 

Go to the Contact page to email us at Art of Balance Yoga with your questions .