The Gentle Classes at Art of Balance Yoga

These are accessible classes for all!

We suggest taking gentle yoga for seniors and those new to yoga. It’s also good for those recovering from illness or injury or those who desire a gentle Yoga practice all the time. We offer some of the best gentle Yoga classes in Spotsylvania County. These classes focus more on meditative breath and centering before adding deeper breaths for more energy. We use many types of props as well in all our Gentle Yoga classes.

Gentle Yoga

gentle yoga kneeling.jpg

This class will focus on improving strength and flexibility gradually and without intensity, allowing gravity to do much of the work for us. The poses and movements are chosen to gradually increase range of motion in the joints while strengthening the muscles, and balances are often taken to the wall for stability and greater confidence. Poses will be taught with repetition before holds, twists will be less deep, and care will be given to less time on the wrists and knees. Often times we will design a sequence to work in such a way as to increase communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and the body, stimulating proprioceptors.

Gentle Strength

 Our Gentle Yoga students who had become so steady and confident in their practice they wanted MORE!  So we used the Gentle Yoga class as a stepping stone to this class where we build on our strength overall by holding posses longer, using elastic bands or add repetitions to some of our favorite poses such as Boat Pose. There is always the option to stay with the gentle version of any pose so as to honor what we need from a class vs. what we don't need on any given day.

Chair Yoga Fusion

Side plank with a chair.jpg

This class is open to all levels - no experience needed.

This is a unique chair yoga class that adapts yoga positions and poses through creative use of a chair, bolsters and other props. This class will offer the benefits of our other yoga classes using the chair for support, balance, or advancing the pose as appropriate for each student. Weights, thera-bands and straps are also incorporated for improving strength and flexibility. Options are given for each posture to allow students to find the optimal balance between support and challenge.

Therapeutic Yoga

Suitable for beginners through advanced practitioners.

This is a gentle yoga class that utilizes a joint-freeing series of exercises for range of motion, flexibility and muscle strength and stability. Additionally, self-myofascial release techniques with balls are used to ease tension, tightness and discomfort throughout the body in this therapeutic yoga class. The series of movements and asanas practiced in this class are helpful for those new to yoga, those recovering from an injury, and those that are experiencing issues such as arthritis, sciatica and tight muscles. (This class is based on the Structural Yoga Therapy© teachings of the late Makunda Stiles.) 

Rock & Roll: Myofascial Release

rolling therapy balls.JPG

A complement to your Yoga practice! Myofascial release is a form of soft tissue therapy that helps to release pain, increase mobility, and improve tissue hydration and general circulation. Even a few minutes of fascial release can have a profound effect on your yoga practice and well-being.

Our body has a covering of connective tissue called fascia, is a band or sheath, primarily made up of collagen, that attaches, encloses, and separates muscles and internal organs. In a healthy, happy, well-functioning body the fascial system is strong, fluid and flexible, ensuring healthy movement, support, and protection of all body systems. Evidence suggests that injuries/disease, repetitive actions, sedentary lifestyle, even stress can damage fascia and underlying muscles. Students will learn how to use tennis balls, blocks and functional movements in this empowering therapeutic practice. The outcome is similar to the effect of a deep tissue massage.

After experiencing any of these classes, students should notice an increased energy level, greater ease and ability in activities of daily life, and a more positive outlook overall.