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The Cookie Exchange

Back by popular demand, this is a beautiful way to share family favorites for the holidays without having to mix up several batches of dough!

There is no requirement except to make your cookies from scratch, separate them into half-dozen bags, and have fun choosing the ones you want to take home.

This doesn’t take long, but we’ll provide some hot tea and cookies to share while you load up your basket with mouthwatering delights!

At Art of Balance Yoga we have opportunities to try a free intro to yoga class, join in a community event, or give support in the spirit of seva to help out those in our community who need us.

Free Intro Class - January 6th

Each month we offer a free intro to yoga class to the community. This class is a beautiful way to be introduced to the basics of yoga and to answer some of your questions and concerns you may have so you can have a positive experience. If you’re looking for local yoga for beginners, you found the right place.

We teach to all people in this accessible class which can include a chair and a mat for those with mobility issues, or those who need a little extra help with balance. We also incorporate the use of blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters to bring you more ease as you explore some movements and postures for the first time.

What to wear?  

Any comfortable clothes that move with you and provide decent coverage. We work in bare feet but socks can be a nice accessory and layering can help if your body becomes warmed up from the practice. Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne since some people have allergic reactions to these.

What to expect?  

A new activity poses new challenges so be mindful about the signals you get from your body. Be gentle, patient and kind to yourself and you will get a good footing as poses become more familiar. With practice you will begin to relax and breathe deeply and steadily, and this is when you will begin to feel the benefits of yoga. This can happen in your very first yoga class because steady, relaxing breath can be achieved by anybody! This is Yoga.

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Our Community Celebration

Community gatherings have existed for as long as humanity. The importance of these gatherings is greater the more our society feels disassociated due to work or family responsibilities, tragedy and unrest, giving us a feeling that things are unraveling. Community gatherings knit us together and bolster our relationships for empathy, sharing, and growing.

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At Art of Balance Yoga we have always enjoyed our annual Thanks & Giving Day! It’s a time to share in a meal prepared by our teachers. Today we had a fabulous lunch and prizes were won by: Lauren — Unlimited Month Pass & Mat bag / Jeff — Unlimited Month Pass, Chakra Candle, notebook / Katie — Unlimited Month Pass, Essential oil trio, notebook. Congratulations everyone!

In the midst of all this abundance, our yoga community has collected a pile of bags and boxes, overflowing our basket with items to give to the women of Empower House. I’m looking forward to packing up my car with all of these thoughtful and necessary gifts to deliver to their offices. (And if there is any more that is yet to come in in, I’ll leave the emptied basket out for a little longer.) They will be overjoyed, and I am delighted, grateful and humbled by your generosity!

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Community Outreach

We also offer community events and opportunities to support other groups in our community. Check in each month to see what we are doing and join us if you can. Currently we’re collecting items to share with the women of Empower House. To give donations to Empower House directly, use this link.

We are proud to be able to support these women with the tools of Yoga, on a bi-monthly basis, meeting them where they are to practice breathing, focusing and moving through poses in a mindful manner. It is our hope that each woman can take something with them from a yoga class to help them manage their unusually challenging circumstances.

They are people seeking what all beings want; a calm abiding center in the midst of a tumultuous life experience, a chance to simply be present for a few minutes and let inner wisdom be heard, an opportunity to find a little peace, if even just for a few minutes each day.

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Free/Donation Classes for VYP

We had 2 Donation-Based classes this month for Veteran’s Gratitude Week: November 9th and 10th and all proceeds go to the Veterans Yoga Project! We have been working with this important organization for 3 years and hope to become more involved with offering additional classes directly to our veterans some day soon. If you couldn’t attend but would like to support this cause, click here to donate online.

News from VYP: Veterans Yoga Project project continues to grow, strengthen and stretch to reach more people to build resilience in our veteran community. This growth is similar to a yoga practice in that it's constantly challenging to spark growth, but not over the edge of what's possible in-the-moment. Implicit in our mission of support in Recovery and Reliance amongst our veteran population and their families is creating an organization that itself is Resilient to the winds of change within the non-profit sector, and the overall dance we do with the private sector. Our concentration remains laser focused on the veteran, creating quality content and training that draws this population to yoga.

Events like Veterans Gratitude Week aid in raising awareness of the issues many veterans face and allow communities to come together to support, in a tangible way, the men and women who protect and serve our country. Help us raise $85,000 in donations and reach all 50 states with over 500+ classes! Learn more about VYP here.