Special Classes

 Guest Teacher January Slater

Guest Teacher January Slater

Yin + Vibrational Sound Bath Meditation

May 6th from 5:30-7:00

The Ultimate Relaxation: Immerse yourself in the vibrational sound of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bells, vocal toning and overtones as you sink deep into a meditative Yin practice. This is a time to allow space for engaging in the truest essence of “Letting Go”! 

$20 / Sign up here

Chair Yoga Series

Wednesdays from 10:45-12:00 / 8 Sessions beginning April 8 to May 30th

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Perfect for anyone who is new to Yoga, Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. Complicated maneuvers and complex movements are not present in a chair yoga class. Students will learn a wide range of yoga postures, breathing techniques, joint freeing and strengthening exercises and ways of relaxation with the aid of a chair.

Frequently the chair yoga student is unable to participate in a traditional yoga class due to the effects of aging or disabilities. However, Chair Yoga is a great practice for everyone as it increases strength and flexibility while improving body awareness.