Resonate Flow + Sound Bath


Immerse yourself in movement, stillness and sound. Begin with a gentle warm up that crescendos to an active, flow sequence fueled by the power of the breath. Ease your body into longer held passive yet supported poses that allow the systems of the body to relax, restore and be more receptive to meditation. Rest in extended savasana and surrender your thoughts to the complex overtones of singing bowls, gong and other ethereal sound makers. Mind, body and spirit will resonate in sonic vibrations, accessing states of consciousness conducive to stress relief and healing.  Listen to their Yoga Tube Video

$20 / Sign up Here 

Resonate is the collaboration of husband and wife team - Emilie and Andy Brockmann. What started as an invitation for Andy to play drums for Emilie's final yoga teacher training class has now evolved into a partnership of yoga and sound. Emilie earned her 200 Hour Yoga Vinyasa Certification through The Bhakti Center in NYC. Andy draws from his decades of experience performing with jazz, flamenco and brazilian groups in Virginia and NYC since 2013.

 Guest Teacher January Slater

Guest Teacher January Slater

Yin + Vibrational Sound Bath Meditation

August 5th / 4:30-6:00

The Ultimate Relaxation: Immerse yourself in the vibrational sound of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bells, vocal toning and overtones as you sink deep into a meditative Yin practice. This is a time to allow space for engaging in the truest essence of “Letting Go”!  $20 / Sign up here