Yoga Nidra July 17th at 6:30

Sign up online just like a regular class and use your account to pay or buy a drop-in class. No previous experience is required, so bring a mat to sit or lay on, dress comfortably, and just relax!

Yoga nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. It is a state in which the body is completely relaxed, and the practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world of his true self by listening to verbal instructions. This is different than meditation where concentration on a single focus is required. In yoga nidra the practitioner withdraws four of the senses, and only listens to the instructions.

Yoga nidra is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. Yoga nidra reveals that aversion and attachment to any changing state are the driving forces that fuel chronic stress, conflict, anxiety, depression, insomnia and lack of peace. Yoga nidra is a process that enables you to find and relinquish your hidden aversions and attachments. As you move through this guided meditation toward the unchanging and whole being you are, stress, conflict and tension melt away, revealing happiness, contentment, and peace.