NEW: Core & Stretch / TIME: Kundalini starts at 4:00

Lauren Rogers is bringing us a new class open to all levels: Core & Stretch.

It is designed to strengthen your core and increase range of motion throughout the body. This class works every part of your core – the area between your neck and hips – and incorporates arm and leg strength to gain stability. Deep stretch sequences to lengthen your muscles will ensure the newly acquired strength comes with flexibility and resiliency too. Much of the class is mat work, before coming to standing poses to use the stability gained by strength for balance. This class will improve posture, decrease back pain and give you a solid foundation for other physical activities.

Beginning November 6th, the first day of Eastern Standard Time, Kundalini "falls back" to start at 4:00.

Peggy will bring us a new series of kriyas for November to help us adapt to the changes in time and temperatures, leaving us feeling in tune with the world around us.