June 28 Workshop: The Yogic Approach to “Yin Yoga”

Jafar J. Alexander E-200/500 RYT 

The practice of Yin Yoga is vast, and can be explored through many facets and techniques. This workshop is designed with the yoga teacher in mind.  We will dive into the philosophy of this methodology from its Daoist roots and classical Yogic perspective.  Taking time to understand the similarities and differences between more Yang (rajasic) asana, and its counterpart the Yin (tamasic) asana.  From discussion on the “why” one would choose to structure a practice in this approach, to how we bring wisdom and life to the practice.  Along with discussion on the philosophy, we will peer into the nature of fascia and why understanding it is vital to the physicality of the practice.  This will lead us into a section where we work with the individual Yin postures to find wisdom in how they are sequenced. 

This workshop provides information and an applicable approach to:
     • History of the Yin practice
     • Philosophy on the “why” of the practice
     • Yin Postures
     • Sequencing for Yin classes
     • Layering the philosophical, emotional, and energetic pieces into the physical practice

Cost: $100.00 - From 12:30 - 5:30

This workshop is for yoga teachers and includes CEC’s for Yoga Alliance

Jafar's belief is "Yoga is yoga.  No need to complicate it, it's quite simple.  Breathe, move, and find your way to silence.  Everything you need to know is right here…Atha!"  His devoted study of Yoga has made him a multi-dimensional teacher who is able to playfully weave stories with expert sequencing and thoughtful philosophical inquiry all in one asana, making his classes what he likes to call "Yogasanas - keeping the Yoga in the Asana!"  He truly shares his yoga practice and passion through a connected journey of self-awareness, conscious breath, and physical strength. 

Jafar has a unique range of influence from fellow yogis such as A.G. Mohan, Kelly McGonigal, Anirudh Shastri, Cora Wen, Richard Rosen, Doug Keller, and Maryam Ovissi.  He is the director of the BelovedYoga Flow Teacher Training and co-leads the BelovedYoga School, 500 & 800 hr programs.  He believes the best way to practice yoga is off the mat and in 2013, he was invited to be a part of Lululemon's Ambassador Program.

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