May Workshop: Sivananda Yoga

Our guest teacher, Anne Petrov, will be here from France on May 30th. Anne will give a Sivananda Yoga workshop. Anne lives within walking distance of the Sivananda ashram in Orleans, France. She did her teacher training, advanced teacher training and sadhana intensive at the ashram, where she also teaches and does ayurvedic massage.

In the 1940s, Swami Sivananda developed a yoga which he called "the yoga of synthesis", which included relaxation, pranayama, meditation and asanas with 12 classical postures performed in a particular order. 
We will do a traditional class together, complete with mantras, pranayama and a brief meditation. We'll explore some of the theory behind the 12 postures (inspired by Kundalini yoga) and also the health benefits. Focus will be on the breath throughout the class and the importance of deep relaxation. 

Cost: $30.00 - includes CEC’s for teachers. Sign up here!


Anne Petrov Sivananda yoga workshop