Workshop weekend

Anne Petrov brought us 2 workshops that taught us many new things to help enhance our lives and our yoga practice. The Ayurvedic Head Massage session was enjoyed by all and was full of techniques that we will perfect over time. Everyone got a handout with the diagrams, but in addition I have added notes to mine that will help if memory fades. I'll email each of you a copy.

The Sivananda Yoga Part 2 helped us understand how Swami Sivananda created his asana sequences to promote the kundalini movement of energy through the chakras as well as learn some benefits of beginning and ending in one of our favorite poses, savasana! Anne taught us how to work with deeper breathing in our pranayama exercises and at the end of class we learned how to hold and use our malas. So if anyone has a mala and wants to know more I am happy to teach you.

The cranberry nut muffin recipe was requested and there is a link to it here!

And another recipe from our Thanks & Giving gathering will be at the studio: The Best Chocolate Cake West of France!