Art of Balance Yoga offers yoga classes to people seeking to bring more balance to their lives.

Our classes are taught by a talented group of yoga teachers who infuse their classes with their unique life experiences, skills and talents. We all share the same desire to teach with concentration on breath and inward focus so that all students may gain the balance they need from their own, individual practice.

It is our sincere hope that everyone who tries yoga with us has a well-rounded and enjoyable learning experience. We invite you to work at your own pace while fostering patience and curiosity with your asana and yourself. This is a non-competitive environment in which to explore new possibilities and maybe put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

We think you'll feel better than when you came in!


(find us next door to Hair Mosaics in the Salem Village Shopping Center)

Upcoming Workshops

  Sunset Yoga  — With Elizabeth Finnan, October 13 & 14: 12 hour certification.  Learn more here.

Sunset Yoga — With Elizabeth Finnan, October 13 & 14: 12 hour certification. Learn more here.

  Techniques Lab  — With Mary Richards, October 28th: 3 CEC's.  Learn more here.

Techniques Lab — With Mary Richards, October 28th: 3 CEC's. Learn more here.

Support Your Yoga Practice

Art of Balance Yoga offers a wide range of classes 7 days-a-week to accommodate your schedule and ability.  Classes include: Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Slow Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Yoga, Core Yoga, Strength + Alignment and Yoga for Therapy.

Take your yoga practice to the next step with workshops and special classes to deepen your knowledge of yoga.  We  offer a variety of opportunities over the year to challenge your mind and body in new ways and to explore new subject matter with guest teachers. Yoga Teachers can earn CEC's from workshops.


Meet The Teacher: Anastasia 


We are so excited to announce that starting this Thursday, the very joyful, quirky, and exuberant Anastasia will begin teaching Strength and Alignment at 5:30pm! She has definitely helped to light up the space at Art of Balance Yoga as a student and now she will be sharing her sweet, playful spirit from the front of the class. Here’s a little about our newest staff member, straight from the yogi herself: 

My teaching career started when I was six in my parents’ backyard with a class of stuffed animals. I knew then I that I like to share. As my interests have expanded, so has my teaching from backyard, to high school English, and now to yoga. In early 2015, I was curious to know if a yoga practice is really as beneficial as we are told, so, despite my nervousness, I took my first studio yoga. Class was a challenge because I knew nothing, but I tried everything and felt relaxed when I left. The sensation the next day is what brought me back. I noticed that I felt lighter when I walked and that all my movements were more easeful. Over years of practice I built more strength, flexibility, and balance both physically and mentally. I realized that I stopped tripping over my own feet. My patience and ability to quiet my worries increased. The lessons on my mat had expanded to my life, I wanted to know more, and I wanted to share.

Yoga helps me find joy and beauty in my practice and my life. As a yoga teacher, I hope to guide my students to cultivate courage, contentment, and joy.

I completed my RYT-200 certification at Art of Balance Yoga in June 2018. To teach is a humbling honor, and I hope to help nurture the respect, fun, and support already present in the Art of Balance Yoga community. 

Please join us in welcoming Anastasia to the staff and come play with her as you learn ways to find strength in familiar, and perhaps new, asana.