Group Classes

Gentle & Restorative

This class is good for everyone. It combines gentle Yoga to bring warmth, tone and resilience to the body followed by restorative poses using bolsters, blankets and the wall to open and support the body while releasing tension from the body and mind overall. Come and let the cares of the day roll off your shoulders with every breath. Please dress in layers, and bring an eye cover and socks.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a receptive practice focused on calming the body's nervous system. We use the wall, bolsters and blankets so your body is supported and relaxed throughout the class, allowing you to release and restore. You will explore the union of breath, body, and mind during long-held, passive asana. No experience is required; simply come with the willingness to be still and present with yourself and recharge for the week ahead! Please dress in layers, and bring an eye cover and socks.

Gentle YOGA

This class is good for those just beginning yoga, for seniors, and those recovering from illness or injury, supporting the healing body. Gentle Yoga is for anyone who desires a practice that focuses more on meditative breath with a series of poses taught with proper alignment and movements to increase range of motion.  Muscles and joints begin to tighten over time, causing discomfort and decreasing mobility, strength and balance. This class will focus on improving these areas while maintaining and improving your mental acuity through focused meditation and breath. After class you should notice an increased energy level and a positive outlook on your day.

Gentle Strength

This class is suitable for all levels. "Gentle Strength" was coined by our gentle Yoga students who had become so steady and confident in their practice that they wanted MORE!  So we used the gentle Yoga class as a stepping stone to this class where we build on our strength overall by holding posses longer, using elastic bands or add repetitions to some of our favorite poses such as Boat Pose. There is always the option to stay with the gentle version of any pose so as to honor what we need from a class vs. what we don't need on any given day.

Slow Vinyasa Flow

This class is open to all levels. Like Vinyasa Flow, this class will teach you to move slowly with the power of steady inhaling and exhaling while connecting one pose to another with fluid, mindful transition poses. This class will introduce and refine sun salutations, bringing strength and confidence with attention to alignment. A variety of options will always be offered for varied abilities. The class will also offer twists and stretches designed to help students unwind, open up, and feel revitalized.


This is an energetic class so yoga experience and strength is recommended. Some customizations of poses will also be offered.  Vinyasa Flow is a series of poses that will move you with the power of steady, synchronized breath from sun salutations to other intelligently sequenced flow series. This format helps you achieve balance by creating heat and sweat to expel toxins and re-energize and strengthen your body.  We will also explore various balances in a playful way, taking students step by step toward these peak poses. 


This is an energetic class with powerful movements for more experienced students.

Vinyasa 2 is a dynamic practice that will move you with the power of steady, synchronized breath as in Vinyasa 1, but its also a place for those who already have a strong yoga practice to challenge themselves a little more in balance, strength, and inversions.


This class is open to all levels. In traditional Hatha Yoga classes the muscles are the target, but in Yin Yoga it's all about targeting the connective tissues such as the joints, ligaments and fascia of the body to untie knots and increase range of motion to the joints and energy flow throughout the body. These poses are very different from other Yoga poses and are mainly done on the floor. Some might look similar but the intention will be different. It involves stressing and strengthening tissues using gravity as a tool. Soft music and mellow lighting, helps make the experience meditative. This is a different kind of exercise — think of it as innersize! Please dress in layers, and bring an eye cover and socks.

Yoga Essentials

This class is a safe place for beginners and experienced students to practice together. The focus will be on principles of alignment and intelligent sequencing. Emphasis is on developing strength, resiliency and stamina of the physical body through a respectful and intelligent flowing practice that slowly builds to a peak pose.


This class is usually offered when we combine classes on holiday weekends. “All levels” means that if you’ve never done yoga or you’re an experienced practitioner, you’ll feel as challenged or as at ease in this class. The teacher will provide poses that are attainable at several levels. Remember this wise advice to all students, no matter what level you are: listen to your body and rest when you need to.

YOGA For Flexibility

This class is perfect for the beginner or the experienced yoga practitioner who wants a less vigorous class to increase flexibility, energy, balance, and greater ease in the body/mind. Class will be at a slower pace and incorporates structural yoga therapy as well as a joint-freeing series to obtain greater joint flexibility, muscular control, and stability. We will practice a dynamic series for the purpose of limbering the joints, improving circulation, stimulating internal organs and increasing energy levels. This class can be used to correct posture imbalances and develop a full range of motion, to develop muscle tone and to prevent painful joint issues, such as arthritis. Props are used to achieve proper alignment and a deep release of physical tension.

self awakening YOGA

This class is open to all levels. The full name is Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutic Essentials. This practice is based on movement, breath, sound and self inquiry. S.A.Y. explores the expansion of consciousness from early stages of life and how this consciousness is when practicing yoga. We are reminded to slow down and tune in to witness the yoga internally. This awareness allows us to focus on the inquiry of “Who am I”. S.A.Y. revisits the body with somatic and mindful movements. This reminds us that yoga doesn’t have to be intense or extreme and that the simplest of movement can be incredibly effective and powerful. We learn to move from a place of grace and ease helping us break free from our habitual practices. We can move in different ways by bringing awareness to sensation through internal scanning. In Self Awakening Yoga this is referred to as AS IS.

S.A.Y. brings fun and laughter (which we don’t experience enough), freedom of movement, such as dance (one of my favorites) peace, stillness and a great feeling of community in our yoga off the mat. It cultivates inspiration for evolving into ways of being that are not results of our past experiences. 


This class is open to all levels. It is designed to strengthen all aspects of the core and increase range of motion throughout the body. It is also a class that gets to the core of a pose, depending on the focus of each particular class. You will gain more structural insight into poses and will see an improvement in posture and strength and vitality, building a solid foundation for your yoga practice.